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         What is social justice?
​The fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, possessions, race, religion, etc., are to be treated equally and without prejudice.

Should We Fight For ‘Social Justice’?

​​​​Our children & families have a dream, the same dream that Dr. King had, the American dream. Should we continue to provide our children with a broken system, we will continue to strip away any future they may dream about. We will continue to downgrade the state of America and its economy, and we will continue to withhold the basic rights owed to our children. Many systems are broken, and it’s a social justice issue in getting it fixed.


The USA arose on the foundation of the genocidal theft of Native American (Indian) lands, and the enslavement of African people. Since that time, the oppression of Black people has been essential to the functioning of this system, changing as that system has changed, but always deeply woven into the very fabric of society.

White supremacy and capitalism have proven to be so closely intertwined that, even when millions have risen up, time and again, to fight the oppression of African-American people, the system has in the end responded by re-entrenching and reinforcing, even if modifying the forms of, that oppression. Today’s situation is extreme and dire; and any solution that leaves capitalism intact is no solution at all and, indeed, a damaging dead end.
There can be a revolution in this country and this revolution can finally uproot and put an end to the long nightmare of oppression and degradation that has been the lot of Black people in particular, along with many, many others, in this country, throughout its history.

During the 1960s, a movement that arose from the struggle of African-American people for freedom ended up spreading throughout society and bringing every pillar of this oppressive capitalist-imperialist system into question and under fire; it seriously shook the foundations of imperialist rule.

That it did not go far enough must not obscure what it DID accomplish and powerfully demonstrate; and today a party and a leader which locates its roots in that era but which has developed the theory to meet the challenges of this time not only exists, but is actively working to bring forward a new revolutionary movement. 

Racism: Open and Underhanded

Today one of the most common, and underhanded, forms of white chauvinism (racism) is to admit--with a little arm-twisting or even upfront and willingly--that Black people's situation is one of being far worse off than whites but then to blame Black people themselves for this situation. Looked at in terms of Black people's overall experience in America, what this amounts to is the dirty trick of admitting that in the past Black people were subjected to oppression and discrimination in this country but claiming now that is no longer the case. "They have been given their chance to 'make it' and they have failed--so it must be their own fault and it just shows that they are inferior." So this racist argument goes.

This same kind of argument has been used to put down Black people--to add insult to the injury of slavery and other forms of oppression--all throughout their history in America. At any given point in this history, the oppressors and those who side with them have tried to deny that there is anything unjust in the treatment of Black people at the time, while perhaps admitting that there was some injustice in the past.
Always the blame is put on Black people for their depressed condition. And always this is a lie--camouflage that covers for the whole economic and political system in the USA and those who run it, the ones who are in fact to blame.

Let's cut through their boring--and lying--"history" and deal with the real story. In doing this we will see that the forms of discrimination and oppression may have changed at different times in the history of this country but one thing has remained the same right down to today: Black people have been continually subjected to discrimination and oppression under this system. In looking at this we can get a much truer picture of the problem and thus a much clearer understanding of the solution.


The USA is, and always has been, a racist country. It is a country where white supremacy is the practice and all kinds of nonsense theories and notions about the so-called "inferiority of non-white peoples" are continually pumped out by the powers-that-be and the mouths they hire. This is the way it has been all through the history of this country, this is still the way it is today. And this is the way it will stay, so long as the system we now live under--this system of capitalist imperialism, this system of exploitation, oppression, and plunder, worldwide--is in effect and rules over us. But that may not be so long, after all. This system cannot go on forever, and there is a way to put an end to it and create something far better in its place.

At the heart of all this in the USA are the 30 million or more Black people in this country. Anyone who is serious and honest knows that the enslavement and exploitation of Black people has been a big part of building up the wealth and power that the rulers of this country have in their hands--wealth and power that these suckers use to further exploit and oppress people here and all over the world. And anyone who is honest and serious knows that for revolution to have a chance in this country--a revolution to do away with all this oppression and exploitation and to change society from bottom to top--Black people must play and will play a big part in this revolution.

All this is true and it cannot be dismissed. But here we will get into it deeper, knocking down lies and bringing out the real facts. We use knowledge of the past to shine a light on the present and point the way toward the future: a future that does belong to us--all of us who have been counted as "nothing" but who shall be all--if we dare to seize it and know how to seize it. Getting it fully clear on how and why Black people have been enslaved, discriminated against, oppressed, and exploited throughout the history of the USA, right down to today, and how all that can finally be ended--this is a key part of knowing and daring. It has everything to do with emancipation that's all-the-way and real, not a sham or half-way deal, not only for Black people but for all exploited and oppressed people, not just in the USA but worldwide. Join FPA-Foundation’s movement at www.fpafoundation.org or call 1-646-402-6133. Email-fpafoundation.org.

Oppression continues in 21th century
The whole history of Black people in this country has been a history of oppression as a people. But it is also a history that has brought Black people to the position of being able to play a powerful role in bringing down the whole system and moving to put an end to all oppression.

Black people are not simply a "racial minority." They are a nation. Black people suffer not just racism but national oppression--oppression as a people, a people whose roots are in Africa but who developed into a separate nation based on their historical experience in this country. This nation was welded together beginning in slave days but more particularly in the period that followed slavery, when Black people came to share the essential characteristics of a nation: a community of people formed on the basis of a common territory, a common language, a common economic life, and a common culture. The development of Black people in the USA is completely, qualitatively different from people of European descent in the USA.

Some Europeans have faced certain forms of discrimination in the U.S., and many have retained at least parts of their "ethnic identity," but Europeans in general have "melted into" the European-American nation. This is the dominant nation in the USA, it is the oppressor nation. Black people are an oppressed nation--held down and denied their rights as a people, including the right of self-determination.

The right of self-determination of nations means not only the right to determine their own affairs as a nation in general but more particularly the right to form a separate country of their own in their own homeland. The historic homeland of Black people in (what is now) the USA is the area known as the "Black-Belt South" (more or less the old plantation area, given the name "Black Belt" because of the rich, dark color of the soil). This is the same general area that has been demanded by a number of Black nationalist groups as the territory of a new and separate Black (or Afro-American, African-American, or New African) republic. And there are millions of Black people still living in that area, including several million in rural areas as well as millions more in the cities.

The right to self-determination is just that--a right. Recognizing the right of self-determination is not the same thing as insisting that the right be used to set up a separate country. And, of course, if such a separate country were set up--in this case, an Afro-American republic--it would not mean that all Afro-American people would have to live there! The right to do something doesn't mean that you have to do it. It just means that others--and especially those who have a whole history of oppressing you and denying your rights--must not be in the position of forcing the decision on you.

Whether or not a separate Black republic should actually be established is something that can only be decided in concrete terms in the course of the revolutionary struggle to overthrow the imperialist system here in the USA. Without overthrowing that system, self-determination for Black people will be impossible to achieve.

The standpoint of communists, representing the revolutionary proletarians of all nations, is to firmly uphold and fight for the right of self-determination in order to unite the ranks of the exploited and oppressed people and push forward the struggle for communism worldwide. In terms of the revolutionary struggle in this country, all other things being equal, the best situation would not be to see separate national republics established but to have one unified socialist state over the largest possible territory once the imperialist system is overthrown.

But that is just the point--things must be equal--there must be equality between peoples and nations, and that means the right of self-determination must be upheld for Black people. The masses of Black people must be relied on to resolve this question, free from force or intimidation, especially from people of the European-American nation. This is crucial in battering down inequality and forging the most powerful revolutionary unity of the proletariat of all nationalities.

The masses of Black people in this country suffer oppression two times--oppression as a nation and as proletarians, concentrated in the most exploited sectors of the proletariat. This is the result of the whole long experience living the "American Nightmare." But this also puts basic Black people in a strong position. A strong position in the fight to bring down the system that is the cause--the problem. A strong position to strike at the heart of the system, to help bring forward and unite the exploited and oppressed people of all nationalities and to help win the greatest number to the program that can deal with the problem--the program of all-the-way revolution- revolution.


Why do we say that the solution is  revolution? Why is revolution the only thing that can deal with all this--the only all-the-way revolution?

The answer is that there is only one group of people in society, only one class, whose interests demand the complete overthrow of the capitalist system, the complete ending of all relations of exploitation and of all divisions in society which are the basis for discrimination, inequality, and oppression. That class is the proletariat--those of us, of whatever race or nationality, who are poor and exploited under this system, who are the modern-day slaves, and who have nothing to lose from rising up to overthrow this system . . .nothing to lose but our chains. In this country there are millions and tens of millions of us, and in the world as a whole we number in the hundreds of millionsThe proletarian revolution means emancipation for us--but beyond that it means emancipation for all of human society--emancipation from any conditions in which people face each other as oppressors and oppressed. In place of this, in its final victory proletarian revolution will bring about a whole new world--a communist world--a world of freely cooperating human beings. A very important part of this is overcoming and eliminating any situation where one nation dominates and oppresses another. In the U.S., ending the oppression of the Black nation and really bringing about justice and equality for Black people is a burning question and a big part of what revolution is all about.

                  Black & Brown People Oppressed in America
​        Injustices & Inequality  continue  harming black & Latino families​


​1-Foster Care-Fight for policy reforms for people of color involved in child welfare system. Parents & Youths join over movement to protect your rights.

2-​​Education-Stop drugging children in public schools. The agenda of improving educational opportunities for all students and closing the achievement gap for minority and underprivileged students.

3-​​Public Health- Bring awareness to the community on HEALTH issues.

4-​Human Rights Issues & Civil Rights Issues​-Educate the community on what their Rights are and how to protect them. Fight for social justice reforms.

5​​-Housing- Fight for Improve housing conditions and reforms for affordable housing.

6-​​Youth Movement-Issues affecting our young people. We build leadership and youth community organizers to impact and help change the conditions of their communities.


​​​​​​​​​ Human Rights Defenders
​Welcome to the FPA-Foundation ! Join with us to help form the network of Outreach Investigative Response Team. As a member, you will enjoy both giving and receiving. We encourage members within the community to honor the need to conduct outreach in the 5 boroughs to assist friends and neighbors. You will work with another Investigator and will go out in the community to speak to the community about their experiences and injustices with ACS and the contracted foster care agencies and family courts. We operate in a pro-active and professional manner.

​​​CPS-​​​​​​​​​Foster Care- FPA-Foundation-Courtroom Observers
​​​Welcome to the FPA-Foundation Courtroom Observers Group ! Join with us to help form the network of Courtroom Observers. As a member, you will enjoy both giving and receiving. We encourage members within the community to honor the need to appear at the courthouse to assist friends andneighbors. If and when your time comes to appear in court, you will have a network of people to come to support you. We operate in a pro-active and professional manner.

​​ A clean and well-dressed Observer will attract attention and credibility, so YOU will be the face and spokesperson FPA-Foundation, This is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously. Remember you are a reflection of the organization. Think things through, make a plan, say a prayer, and move forward into the lion's lair to turn the tide from fascism to Freedom. Our victories will seem minor but they are incremental. Do not underestimate a new contact or conversations with new recruits. Everyone who has ever been abused by the corporate courts is a Member and Courtroom Observer. Please refer to the Courtroom Observer Protocols for more specific information.

                       ​​CPS-Foster Care Committee
​FPA- Investigative/Response Community Organizing Team

CPS-FPA-Foundation Community Advocates
​Welcome to the FPA-Foundation ! Join with us to help form the network of Community Advocates.As a member, you will enjoy both giving and receiving. We encourage members within the community to honor the need to conduct outreach in the 5 boroughs to assist friends and neighbors. You will advocate and assist parents,foster parents and youths and work with another community advocates. You and will go out in the community to speak at foster care agencies to support families. We operate in a pro-active and professional manner.

​​ FPA-Foundation- MEDIA TEAM for all Projects.​
​​The purpose of this group is to get FPA-Foundation's message to the People and into the media. Everyone should spend a little time every day getting the message out in one or more of the following campaigns or propose other campaigns and encourage others to join this group or at least partispate a few minites a day getting our message out. Please post other ideas here that we can get a campaign going below.We need FPA members to join the campaign and work together as a team to bring awareness to FPA.

​​The more we work together the more we can aid FAMILIES in the battle to gain our freedom back. All members of FPA please check Media daily to keep updated on Twitter phrases and Facebook slogans ect...you can share daily. Breaking News and Press Release Forum is essential, so that you will not miss radio interviews or press releases you can also send out to your sources once they are approved and posted. Note: At the bottom of all approved press releases will say approved by Dorin and Sylvia if it is not approved please do not share until approval. This is the only guideline, so make yourself at home, we are family and let's get going on building FPA...together.

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