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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Volunteers must be willing to commit at least one year to FPA Foundation Inc. Beyond the amazing experience of working with foster parents and children, volunteers and interns have the chance to develop professional skills in a diverse and expanding program.

Volunteer/intern responsibilities are divided into several areas and focus on any one of the combination of the following: intake, assessment, counseling, report writing, recruitment and case management.

FPA strives to provide our volunteers and interns benefits and appreciation for their hard work. Benefits include: the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele, excellent networking, build new skills, flexible work schedule, learn about the function of the Social Service Agency, and most importantly: the opportunity to make a difference for a child in foster care.

We are looking for youth volunteers between the age of 14 and 21 who have been in foster care, as well as youths who have not. We would also like experienced foster parents, who have three years of experience or more, to join us in working with new foster parents. We are always looking for help, new ideas and hardworking individuals who are dedicated in completing our mission.

Join the Board! We are seeking new members from the five boroughs to join our Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining, please submit a letter of interest via email. Become a foster parent advocate now!

We are always looking for ambitious and socially active, passionate people – who love working with others. To apply, email and the position your intrested in.

                           Social Justice
​Community Service learning  Internship.     
                for  High School Students
 Internship Positions Available

​Community Organizer​​- 1 years of recruiting experience. Experience screening and interviewing. 20% travel required. Ability to communicate with all levels of management . Ability to interact with community organizations and agencies.Must be able to work with a recruiting team to recruit foster parents. Participate in external and internal job fairs & Expos. Develop and maintain relationships with community partners, such agencies, academic placements officers, and actively participates in local personnel associations. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills while performing in a high performance recruiting team. Ensures that recruiting and hiring practices are meeting requirements. Experience in identifying and implementing best practices in recruiting foster parents.

​​Community Advocate- A person must posess great communcation skills and writing skills.Must be open to a flexiable schedule and willing to travel.  The Community Advocate  Position
Provides foster parents,parents with services and support. The Community Advocate  provide Information support Groups for foster parents, parents.Other Responciabilities include Assessments & Infor Meeting Support Groups.Must provide Empowerment Programs for foster parents and parents. Able to keep foster parents,parents informed about policy's and services available to Foster Parents & children in foster care. Provide Court Advocacy & Legal Referral services.Must be able to work with people.

​Many Ways To Volunteer To Help A Child In Foster Care

1-Become a Foster Parent
For Infant, grade-school -child, teenager, Child with developmental disabilities or behavioral problem.

2-Provide Services for Foster Families
Short term respite, Offer a discount at your place of work, Free space in a child care program.

3-Teach and Help Children and Youth
Teach life skills such as budgeting or job seeking,Tutor, Sponsor a child for a team or club, Offer a job in your company, Take a child on a service project in the community.

4-Help an Agency
Volunteer on a hotline, Help recruit foster families, Become a court-appointed advocate, Host a social event for foster families. Become a  Partnership Coordinator.

5-Help Birth Families
Teach family skills like communication or anger management. Provide a job, Mentor a teenager.

6-Contribute Money
Provide money for camps and field trips, Help with holiday gifts, Help with post-high school education, Contribute to or start a scholarship fund.

7- Donate Goods
Toys,Car seats, School supplies, Computers, Clothing, Books, Musical Instruments,Luggage, Sleeping bags and pillows.

8-Become a Advocate to help keep families together.​​

​The Community Service Learning Program is from ( September through June) internship-training program for youths ages 14-21. The program aims to provide youths an opportunity to improve their life skills (public speaking, stress/time management,
negotiation/communication skills) through service learning projects.

Recruitment for the program takes place each year.  Interested teens need to fill out an application. Qualified candidates are invited to a follow up interview. Once selected, interns are assigned to selected community organizations where they take on meaningful and rewarding roles through which they learn social responsibility and cooperation.

The internship program consists of direct service at the community organization at which the intern is placed, trainings on different topics such as advocacy, public speaking,community outreach. Students will create a Public service announcements pertaining to a social justice issue. 

For further information please contact: Sylvia Hooper at

                  Start a National FPA-Foundation Chapter in your State Today

There are three simple steps you'll need to take to establish an FPA-Foundation chapter in your state. Can you get 10 dedicated people to start this process.

Step 1: Make a Commitment

There are a few things to consider and prepare before beginning the official application process.

Review the National  FPA-Foundation Constitution and ensure you are willing to comply with its guidelines. We are here to bring awareness,educate and fight for justice and reforms.

​Select a chapter adviser. This faculty member will serve as the supervisor of the chapter, in charge of daily operations, file maintenance, and other duties.

Appoint a five-member faculty council.  5 members that want to be committed to help with task. The council will meet once a month and everyone will complete task that are assign to the group i order to move the chapter forward. Once a year to select new FPA-Foundation members and review and revise chapter procedures.

Step 2: Complete a New FPA Chapter Application
Request for application by Email at​

Please send applications with $30 payment included to our national headquarter:

FPA-Foundation/Dorin Matthews 
New Chapter Application
2006 Amsterdam Avenue  Apt-5-A
New York,NY 10032

Step 3: Review Your Chapter Materials

Once your new chapter has been approved, you'll receive a letter of congratulations, your affiliation certificate, access to the FPA-Foundation Handbook. After reviewing the handbook thoroughly, the principal, adviser, and faculty council should develop the following.

— Securing a Meeting Space once a month
     Secure space for clients for intakes​

— Finding Allies that can help the chapter on social justice issues 
— Finding sponsors to cover breakfast and other event costs
— Newsletter for your state
___​ (including a photographer and videographer)

— Media
— Serving as the main point of contact for Space For Meeting
​   - Training for  Members
 __  Base Building/one to one's
       Community Organizing Outreach Team​



Fight for Equality and Justice for All
We Will Not be Silent Our Voices Will Be Heard
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Become a member today or donating $25,50,75 100 or any amount that is meaningful to you!

Our diverse members are united by a desire to catalyze long-term progressive social change and bring new energy to progressive movements. Ours is a learning community that inspires new perspectives on and solutions to issues of equality and social justice.

Member Benefits

As FPA-Foundation member, you become a critical ally in our efforts to fight the root causes of injustice, both locally and globally. You also receive a number of benefits, including:

Participation in the governance of FPA-Foundation.

​As a member of FPA-Foundation you will be invited to participate in organizational decision-making processes. Members are asked to attend an annual retreat, during which we solicit feedback and plot the course for the coming year. The retreat is also a great place for members to network and continue building community with one another.

The opportunity to take part in grantee site visits

A key element of membership with FPA is engaging with the work of our grantees. Our intention is to connect donor-activists with organizations they may be interested in supporting, whether it be through Giving Project grants, volunteering with funded projects, or direct contributions to grantee organizations. Site visits offer you the opportunity to learn first-hand the impact that your dollars are making in the community.

The opportunity to join a committee
Members are invited to take a deeper role in the day-to-day operations of FPA by joining one or more of our committees, including the Events, Finance, Program, and/or Member Engagement Committee.

Access to workshops on racial justice, financial management and other relevant issues
FPA-Foundation  regularly facilitates workshops for members to further develop their analysis of social justice issues, addressing themes such as race, class, wealth, gender and much more. This is a great way for you to continue to build your own capacity and awareness as a social change agent and proponent of social justice values.

Knowing that you are part of a growing movement for long-term, progressive social change.

​​​We are making a difference not only in our region, but in the world of philanthropy in general. People are paying attention to the way we build community, develop leaders, and move serious money to address root causes of social justice issues. With your support, we truly are building progressive power through donor activism.

Membership is currently set at $30 a year, or whatever is meaningful to you. We ask donors ar "opt in" to membership, so that we are able to discern one-time contributions from membership gifts. All members are encouraged to give at a level that is meaningful, whether that means an annual contribution of $50 or $50,000. Membership pledges can be made by donating online or by mail. Checks can be made out and mailed to:

   ​       FPA-Foundation/Dorin Matthews
        2006 Amsterdam Avenue Suite 5-A
                  ​New York,NY 10030​​​​
    FPA-Tax Exempt number   #45-059-2133​